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LUCK NOW, India(A P) — A tiger prowling near villages in northern India killed it s 10th person insix weeks, a day after eluding a trap set by hunters with a live calf as bait.
The female tiger is believed to havestrayed from Jim Corbett National Park, India's oldest national park, which wasestablished in 1936 to provide endangered Bengaltigers with safe territory.
这只母老虎据称是从印度最古老的Jim Corbett国家公园逃出来的,Jim Corbett公园是1936年建立的,给濒危孟加拉虎提供安全的栖息地
The big cat's latest victim was a 50- year-old man who was collecting firewood Sunday night in the forest outside Kalgarhvillage in Uttarakhand state, according to Saket Badola, deputy director of thenational park.
The animal ate parts of the man's leg andabdomen before being scared away by villagers waving shovels and metal rods.
Hunters had almost nabbed the tiger a dayearlier with a bovine calf.
"On Saturday night the tigress almostfell in trap and was close to the calf," Badola said. "But she didnot attack the bait and left silently."
Saket Badola说,"周六晚上这只老虎差点就掉入陷阱了,他离牛小腿非常的近"。"但他没有攻击这个诱饵,而是安静的离开了"
Reports that a killer tiger was on theloose began circulating Dec. 29, when a 65- year- old man was mauled in Sambhaldistrict of Uttar Pradesh state, across the border from Uttarakhand. Sincethen, thousands of terrified villagers have been told to watch out for theanimal and to avoid the forests.
有报道称一只杀人老虎从12.29开始就在外游荡,从65岁的男子在Uttar Pradesh 州的Sambhal村被害开始。从那时起,有上千惊恐的村民被告知要注意这只老虎,避免进入森林
The tiger has been on the prowl across anarea spanning some 80 miles (130 kilo meters).
"The animal has started attackinghumans because it is not getting its natural prey," said Rupek De, chiefwild life warden of Uttar Pradesh. "The tigress must be tired because itis not getting adequate rest."
Uttar Pradesh州的野生植物区长Rupek De说,"这只老虎因为没有自然生物捕食,所以开始攻击人类,这只老虎一定很疲劳的,因为没有足够的休息"
He said the hunters hired to kill theanimal were having trouble tracking it in dense forests. The team also wasunderstaffed; only three of the six hunters hired for the job showed up forwork, De said.
485868.com_【官方首页】-澳门金沙Rupek De称雇佣了猎人捕杀这只动物,但是却在茂密的森林里遇到了追踪问题。这个队伍还人手不足,Rupek De说,六个雇佣的猎人中只有三个人出现在了行动中
De said he asked wildlife officials inUttarakhand for help, saying there seems to be lack of co- ordination.
Rupek De说向Uttarakhand的野生动物官员寻求了帮助,称现在缺乏协调配合
On Sunday, angry villagers seized anational forestry office, demanding protection and compensation for thefamilies of the dead.
"We can understand the predicament ofthe villagers," Badola said. "The villagers do not have toilets intheir homes. They go out in the open or forest areas to answer nature's call.In this scenario it is difficult to give protection to each and every villager.We have advised them to move in groups."
Saket Badola说,"我们能够理解村民的困境,村民在自己的家里没有厕所,他们需要去开阔的区域或者森林方便。因此很难给予每个村民以帮助,我们已经建议他们成群结队的行动"
India's wild tigers are considered endangered because of rampant poachingand shrinking habitat as Indiaunder goes breakneck development to accommodate the staggering growth of it s1.2 billion people.
Indiatoday has more than half of the 3,200 tigers estimated to be left in the wild.Despite dozens of tiger reserves across the country, however, the numbers havesunk from an estimated 5,000-7,000 in the 1990s, when the big cats' habitat was twice as large.